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3 tips to avoid cracks in the veneer

Are you experiencing issues with cracks in your veneer? Fret not, as we have some handy tips to help you steer clear of this problem and ensure your wooden fingerboards stay in pristine condition.

The primary culprit behind veneer cracks often lies in the dryness of the wood. Even with our meticulously stored wood in plastic bags, extreme conditions like hot summers or specific geographical locations can still lead to dryness issues. To combat this, here's a simple yet effective solution:

1. Moisture Restoration

If you notice your veneers becoming excessively dry, place them in a plastic bag and add a few drops of water. Seal the bag and let the wood absorb the moisture for a few days. This process will help rehydrate the veneers, making them more flexible and less prone to cracks.

2. Molding procedure

Another key factor in preventing cracks is the assembly process. Follow these steps to optimize the stacking and molding procedure:

1. Pre-Glue Soak: Allow the stacked wood to sit for 2-3 minutes after applying the glue. This time allows the glue to penetrate the wood, enhancing its adhesive properties.
2. Partial Mold Closure: Place the wood in the mold and screw it together halfway, ensuring the wood is slightly bent. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes to allow the glue to set partially. This step provides additional stability to the top and bottom plies.
3. Complete Mold Closure: Once the glue has partially set, close the mold fully as usual to complete the bonding process.


3. Using high quality veneer

Ensure you're using high-quality veneer that has proven itself suitable for fingerboards for years. Such veneer is available in the CRESKATE® shop, specifically curated for optimal fingerboard building performance.

By following these simple yet effective techniques, you can minimize the risk of cracks in your veneer and ensure the longevity of your wooden fingerboards. We hope you find these tips helpful, and we encourage you to share your improved results with us. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out via email:

Happy fingerboard building!


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