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About Us


At CREATE YOUR SKATE we have a clear mission:

We want to awaken your passion to create something with your own hands - all around the subject of skateboarding



... and compared to other study sets or craft kits, the workpiece won't gather dust in a shelf or display case - the greatest fun begins when the skateboard or park is done and you can finally practice tricks and have some great sessions.

For many - as well as for me - the small skateboards are an entry into a lifelong passion, a sport and even a whole subculture.


Our Story

The Create Your Skate story began in 2002. As a teenager, I was desperately trying to make my first wooden fingerboards. Since I had no help or knowledge in dealing with wood, I actually sanded my first boards out of a block of wood in days of work. I later learned that proper skateboards are made out of  multiple layers of wood veneer - so I picked up another block of wood, and this time I created my first veneer presses. The first boards pressed were crooked, warped, and far from perfect - but I was incredibly proud to have created something with my own hands! This experience has strongly influenced my further life to this day.

With CREATE YOUR SKATE I want to convey this unique feeling to as many people as possible.

Over the past few years I have perfected the veneer presses and have developed kits that anyone can use and get instant success.

Building a professional fingerskatepark is a daunting task for many, so I have also developed molds and kits for easy construction of concrete ramps and obstacles.





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