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CRESKATE stands for create & skate. With our products children, teenagers and adults can build and design their own fingerboards made of real wood layers. The manufacturing process is exactly the same as for real skateboards. The finished fingerboards are not only unique, but also correspond to professional fingerskateboards in terms of function and performance. Therefore you can also use it to learn flips, grinds and slides.




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CRESKATE® in school
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CRESKATE® in school

great CRESKATE® projects have already taken place in schools. We're not just about crafting fingerskateboards for individual enthusiasts; we're also passionate about empowering educators to integra...
professional board builders

Atomic fingerboards

by Sebastian Manzano Brito ❮ ❯ This is Sebastian Monzano Brito from Santiago de Chile. He created the label ATOMIC FINGERBOARDS in 2019. With his talent and the support of his b...
pocket-rails in action

DOUBLED-VISION skates the brand new Pocket-Rail

Recently doubled-vision added a pocket-rail to his awesome and pretty realistic looking spot. Let's check out one of his first sessions...

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If you already have experience building fingerboards and you want to build boards with your dream shape, then you should take a look at our Expert products and the fingerboard-configurator.

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