Fingerboard Tool Kit
Fingerboard Tool Kit
Fingerboard Tool Kit
Fingerboard Tool Kit
Fingerboard Tool Kit
Fingerboard Tool Kit
Fingerboard Tool Kit


Fingerboard Tool Kit

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if you want to buy the matching tools as well

With this tool set you can start building your boards right away. It perfectly matches with all of our Mold-Kits. 

special features:

  • works seamlessly with all of our Mold-Kits
  • professional quality
  • perfect truck holes and countersinks
  • success guarantee since these are the tools which are used in the step-by-step instructions


    • 1x fret saw
    • 5x saw blades
    • 1x drilling tool
    • 2x drill bits for truck holes 1,5 mm
    • 2x drill bits for countersinks 3 mm
    • 1x grinding sponge

    let´s build

    unique boards

    Let your creativity run wild when building your boards: colored veneer, your own graphics, special board shapes.... There are almost endless possibilities to build and design your own boards.

    made by fingerboarders..

    ...for fingeboarders

    I discovered my passion for fingerboarding at a young age and my creative streak constantly drove me to look for a way to build my own wooden fingerboards and fingerboarding stuff. With CRESKATE® I want to give you the chance to build your own skateworld too.

    Support a young start-up

    Interested in innovative products? Would you like to support a young start-up? You've come to the right place, because we are a small family business from Germany founded in 2017.

    Rock your selfmade products

    The fun doesn't end when your board, ramp or spot is ready. Then the real fun begins: practice tricks with your homemade products and get better every day!

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