Curb Casting Mold
Curb Casting Mold
Curb Casting Mold
Curb Casting Mold
Curb Casting Mold
Curb Casting Mold
Curb Casting Mold
Curb Casting Mold


Curb Casting Mold

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build 100s of spots with just one ramp mold:

Which ramp does every skate park need, no matter how big or small? Right, a good curb. 
With this set you can build several different curbs. And the good thing is that these curbs are a lot of fun even individually without a large skate park.

The dimensions of the curb are 18 x 6 x 3 cm (+ optional foot 1 cm) and therefore fit perfectly with all the other ramps that you can build with our ramp molds.

special features:

  • perfect surface finish of the concrete ramp
  • size of the ramp works seamless with all the other ramps made with our molds
  • easy to learn with a step-by-step instruction 
  • buy 1 Ramp-Mold build 100s of ramps
  • easy to demold thanks to the flexible silicone liner
  • works with common concrete which is available in every local hardware store


  • 1x Curb Casting Mold
  • 1x insert for angled curbs
  • 1x insert for stair styled curbs
  • 1x instruction sheet
  • 1x step-by-step online instruction


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